Create a new era

Developed in science, technology sophisticated era, conform to the trend of the new moon rise, reaching (ISO - 9001) quality management, quality assurance and marketing world-class national standards metal machinery, inputs the ranks of the world's economic activity, [create] ATOLI business world.

To [calm], [perseverance], [Shen look], [optimistic], for the spirit of benchmarking, to [research], [development], [innovation], [progress], in an effort approach.

In times of high precision technology, manufacturing high-quality hardware and machinery to provide a high standard of service to economic development.

Design, manufacture, production, management, sales and service unified to versatile, all-round energy production, scientific management beliefs, humane enterprise ethics, sustainable development, solidarity and cooperation, harmony and evergreen stands.

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  • Office : 91, hsioh Fu Rd., Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.
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