ˇ@ 2014/4/9-2014/4/12
The 30th Taipei Int'l Auto Parts & Accessories Show..... 2014/4/24-2014/4/28
2014 Commercial Times Automatic Machinery Exhibitionˇ]Tainanˇ^..... 2014/5/8-2014/5/11
Tpipei Manufacturing Technology Show 2014..... 2014/5/22-2014/5/26
Taichung Industrial Automation Exhibition 2014..... 2014/10/21-2014/10/23
Taiwan Hardware Show 2014..... 2014/11/5-2014/11/9
Taiwan International Machine Tool Show 2014..... 2013/8/1-2013/8/21
2013Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers' Association..... 2013/8/1-2013/8/21
2014 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS)..... 2012/5/17-2012/5/21
..... 2012/7/27-2012/7/30
ASIAN MACHINE TOOL EXHIBITION..... 2012/10/11-2012/10/13
Taiwan Hardware Show (THS)..... 2012/4/11-2012/4/14
Taipei AMPA..... 2012/5/3-2012/5/6
Taipei ManuFacturing Technology Show..... 2012/11/7-2012/11/11
Taiwan International Machine Tool Show..... 2011/4/7-2011/4/11
2011 C.T.M.S Kaohsiung Commercial Times Machinery Show .....
Lighting Riveting Machine
Riveting Machine
ˇC Spin Riveting Machine
ˇC Radial Riveting Machine
ˇC Riveting Machine
ˇC Special Riveting Machine
Portable Magnetic Drilling Machine
ˇC Portable Magnetic Stand For Drill
ˇC Portable Magnetic High Speed Drilling Machine
ˇC Portable Magnetic Tapping Machine
ˇC Electric Drill
Automatic Tapping Machine
ˇC Precision Automatic Tapping Machine
ˇC Air Tapping Machine
ˇC Adjustable Type Multi-spindle Drilling And Tapping Machine
Drilling machine
Hydraulic Punch Machine
ˇC Hydraulic Punching Machine
ˇC Pump
Hole Cutter
Chan-Tong Machinery Hardware Company was established at
No .9l Hsioh-Fu Road South Dist Taichung in 1974.(The old
name for the address is No. l Sec 1 Chung-Hsiao Road) and is
engaged in the field of Hardware Machinery business....
Pneumatic Riveting Machine
Hydraulic Riveting Machine
Portable Magnetic Stand For Drill
Air Tapping Machine
Automatic Feed Drilling
Portable Magnetic Drilling Machine

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